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[Linux-cluster] Mounting GFS and EXT3 filesystems on one GFS Cluster Node (RHEL 5.2)


I'm presently setting up an 8 node GFS cluster.

All nodes bar one will mount two GFS files systems from a SAN.

We will used lvm2-cluster on all nodes. All the GFS partitions will use

I've defined locking_type = 2 and locking_library =
"liblvm2clusterlock.so" in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf on all nodes.

My question is: Can I mount a VDISK from the SAN as a block device with
an ext3 filesystem on it and mount GFS partitions at the same time?
Given that LVM will be configured on this node with locking_type = 2 and
locking_library = "liblvm2clusterlock.so"

The filesystems will be mounted on unique mount points on the host.

Can I also mount yet another VDISK on the same node this time ext3 on

I would emphasize that only one node will mount the ext3 filesystems.

I guess this is permissable but I wanted to check.

Many thanks ...


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