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Re: [Linux-cluster] rhcs + gfs performance issues

> > 1)  Tru64 and TruCluster with Advfs from 7 years ago is simply that much
> > more robust and mature than RHES4 and CS/GFS and therefore tremendously
> > outperforms it...or
> RHEL4 is quite old. It's been a while since I used it for clustering. 
> RHEL5 has yielded considerably better performance in my experience.

Interesting.  The only way I can see upgrading is:

1) using the upgrade options on the production node (scary, and
downtime) or
2) do you know if RHEL5 will participate in a RHEL4 cluster?  if so, I
could add an RHEL5 node, make it master, and then have the ability to
upgrade the other 2 one at a time.

> > 2)  We have this badly configured.
> There isn't all that much to tune on RHEL4 cluster-wise, most of the 
> tweakability has been added more recently than I've last used it. I'd 
> say RHEL5 is certainly worth trying. The problem you are having may just 
> go away.


> Gordan
> --
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