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Re: [Linux-cluster] rhcs + gfs performance issues

Doug Tucker wrote:
1)  Tru64 and TruCluster with Advfs from 7 years ago is simply that much
more robust and mature than RHES4 and CS/GFS and therefore tremendously
outperforms it...or
RHEL4 is quite old. It's been a while since I used it for clustering. RHEL5 has yielded considerably better performance in my experience.

Interesting.  The only way I can see upgrading is:

1) using the upgrade options on the production node (scary, and
downtime) or

"Upgrade" options never really worked on any OS. I wouldn't bank on it "just working", especially on something as complex as clustering.

2) do you know if RHEL5 will participate in a RHEL4 cluster?  if so, I
could add an RHEL5 node, make it master, and then have the ability to
upgrade the other 2 one at a time.

No, you can't mix versions. Even different package versions between the same distro version can cause problems.

2)  We have this badly configured.
There isn't all that much to tune on RHEL4 cluster-wise, most of the tweakability has been added more recently than I've last used it. I'd say RHEL5 is certainly worth trying. The problem you are having may just go away.


Worse, you may need to change the GFS file system options for the new version, so you may end up having to backup/restore the data. I don't think you can avoid cluster downtime for the upgrade.


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