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Re: [Linux-cluster] clustering inside of vmware -- fencing

VMware::VmPerl.pm a deprecated api. The current vmware perl api is the VI Perl Toolkit (VMware::VIM2Runtime). I have a centos 5.2 gfs cluster running in a VMware ESX cluster (with virtualcenter). I have a mix of CentOS VMs and physical machines participating in the GFS cluster.

I modified the fence_vixel agent to use this new api, and called it fence_vi3. It's fairly basic and works, but could use some improvements. I've been using it for almost a year:


The old fence_vmware agent logs into a single ESX/GSX server using the old api and resets the targeted guest. fence_vi3 logs into the VirtualCenter and resets the requested VM. This is needed in a ESX cluster, since you don't know on which ESX machine your Centos/Rhel guest is running.

I don't know if this is a supported setup, but it works. I've done a lot of heavy testing and optimizing of gfs in this setup. My volume group which hold my gfs filesystems is 14TB and has been in production for a good 6 months. Obviously, YMMV.

Andrew A. Neuschwander, RHCE
Linux Systems/Software Engineer
College of Forestry and Conservation
The University of Montana
andrew ntsg umt edu - 406.243.6310

Terry Davis wrote:
I am trying to set up a RHEL5 cluster inside of VMware (client request).  I
see there are hints of a fence_vmware script floating around.  I found one
on sources.redhat.com but this, coupled with the latest toolkit from vmware
yields a missing VMware::VmPerl.pm file.  This got me to step back and think
about this a bit further.

1) is this a supported configuration?
2) what am I missing with the fence_vmware script?
3) can anyone share any working configurations with this?



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