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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS reserved blocks?

I've been watching mine do this for about two months now. I think it started when I upgraded from RHEL 4.5 to 4.6. The app team only has about 18 gig used on that 1.7TB drive but they create and delete allot of files because that is the loading area they used when new data comes in. In the last month I have seen it go up to 70 to 85% used but it usually comes back down to about 50% within about 24 hours. Hopefully they will find a fix for this soon.


Shawn Hood wrote:
I actually just ran the reclaim on a live filesystem and it seems to
be working okay now.  Hopefully this isn't problematic, as a large
number of operations in the GFS tool suite operate on mounted


On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 4:00 PM, Jason Huddleston
<jason huddleston verizon com> wrote:
  I have been seeing the same thing on one of my clusters (shown below)
under Red Hat 4.6. I found some details on this under an article on the
open-shared root web site
and an article in Red Hat's knowledge base
(http://kbase.redhat.com/faq/FAQ_78_10697.shtm). It seems to be a bug in the
reclaim of metadata blocks when an inode is released. I saw a patch
(bz298931) released for this in the 2.99.10 cluster release notes but it was
reverted (bz298931) a few days after it was submitted. The only suggestion
that I have gotten back from Red Hat is to shutdown the app so the GFS
drives are not being accessed and then run the "gfs_tool reclaim <mount
point>" command.

[root omzdwcdrp003 ~]# gfs_tool df /l1load1
SB lock proto = "lock_dlm"
SB lock table = "DWCDR_prod:l1load1"
SB ondisk format = 1309
SB multihost format = 1401
Block size = 4096
Journals = 20
Resource Groups = 6936
Mounted lock proto = "lock_dlm"
Mounted lock table = "DWCDR_prod:l1load1"
Mounted host data = ""
Journal number = 13
Lock module flags =
Local flocks = FALSE
Local caching = FALSE
Oopses OK = FALSE

Type           Total          Used           Free           use%
inodes         155300         155300         0              100%
metadata       2016995        675430         1341565        33%
data           452302809      331558847      120743962      73%
[root omzdwcdrp003 ~]# df -h /l1load1
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                   1.7T  1.3T  468G  74% /l1load1
[root omzdwcdrp003 ~]# du -sh /l1load1
18G     /l1load1

Jason Huddleston, RHCE
Partner Support - Unix Support and Engineering
Verizon Information Processing Services

Shawn Hood wrote:
Does GFS reserve blocks for the superuser, a la ext3's "Reserved block
count"?  I've had a ~1.1TB FS report that it's full with df reporting
~100GB remaining.

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