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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cib.xml --> haresources

2008/10/11 Stephen Nelson-Smith <sanelson gmail com>:
> Hi,
> I want to managed a linux-ha cluster (heartbeat 2) with puppet,
> however I think I'm likely to struggle with cib.xml, as it contains
> runtime info, and the cluster software seems like it won't take kindly
> to being deployed automatically.
> I think the approach is to put the config in an haresources file, and
> use the haresources conversion to cib.xml tool.  However, how do I put
> the knowledge I've put into my cib.xml (attached) into haresources?

You can't and shouldn't even if you could.
That tool is intended to be run once per cluster and not on a recurring basis.

> Or am I missing the point entirely and there's a much better/easier
> way to do this?

cibadmin -R
> S.
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