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[Linux-cluster] 2 phy hosts (domain0) hosting 3 vm (domU) with clustered services between them and san storage

Hi, all

I've got this deployment. We've got 2 physical servers that are hosting 3
domUs with clustered services between them. We're presenting one multipath
device from the same disks of the SAN to each guest, so i've got
/dev/mpath/mpath0 mapped from phy node 1 to guest 1 and /dev/mpath/mpath0
mapped from phy node 2 to guest 2.

Using luci i've configured the storage but i'm seeing an odd behaviour,
for example the partition table is not inmediately seen by the other guest
node from the cluster. For the VG to be seen i need to restart the remote

And the worst part is that after formatting with GFS2 if i touch a file in
one guest node, i would expect the same file to be seen at the other node,
but the truth is not, the file is not seen after a reboot or

any ideas?

i hope i could explained myself a litle bit...

Andrés Mauricio Mujica Zalamea

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