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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster/GFS issue.

Usually, when I hear about problems like this, it is often a multicast issue -- at least from my experience.

Can you confirm that cman is able to talk on your multicast address? 

If not, I suggest specifying a multicast address in the - 250.

This will require that the whole cluster be reset.  I would avoid putting startup commands in /etc/rc.local as some suggest -- seems like a red herring to me. The init scripts should work fine (they do for me on our 3 8-node clusters.


2008/10/23 Allgood, John <jallgood ohl com>

Hello All


I am having some issues with building an eight node Xen cluster. Let me give some background first. We have 8 dell PE 1950 with 32GB RAM connected via dual brocade fiber switchs to an EMC CX-310. The guests images are being stored on the SAN.  We are using EMC Powerpath to hand the multipathing. The Operating system is Redhat Advanced Platform 5.2 . The filesystems on the SAN were created using Conga CLVM/GFS1. We have the heartbeat on an separate private network. The fence devices are Dell DRAC's.

 Here is the problem that we are having. We can't on an consistent basic get the GFS filesystem mounted. On the nodes that don't connect it will just hang on bootup trying to mount the GFS filesystem. All nodes come up and join the cluster at this point but only 1 or 2 will completely come up with the GFS filesystem mounted. If we do an interactive startup and skip the GFS part all systems will come up on the cluster but without the gfs mounted.

At this point I am not sure what to do next.  I am thinking it may be a problem with the way the GFS filesystem was created. We just used the default settings. The LVM is 668GB created from an RAID10.


Best Regards


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