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Re: [Linux-cluster] APC Power switch question

Title: Re: [Linux-cluster] APC Power switch question

I just acquired 2 APC Power Switches my self, my servers are dell, so my plan is to use the APC as a primary and drac as a secondary fencingdevice.

My cluster as one interface for production traffic and another for cluster traffic which is a private non routed network.

Can the fencing devices be connected to the production? Or they have to been on the same network for cluster traffic?


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Thanks for the answer. I have actually named switches in a 3 node cluster and will set them up accordingly.

THis is how cluster.conf looks like, I am finishing the setup for dev03.

        <fencedevice agent="fence_scsi" name="dev02_scsi"/>
        <fencedevice agent="fence_scsi" name="dev03_scsi"/>
        <fencedevice agent="fence_scsi" name="dev04_scsi"/>
        <fencedevice agent="fence_apc" ipaddr="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" login="xxxxxx" name="PCPS01_dev02" passwd="xxxxxx1"/>
        <fencedevice agent="fence_apc" ipaddr="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" login="xxxxxx" name="PCPS02_dev02" passwd="xxxxxx1"/>
        <fencedevice agent="fence_apc" ipaddr="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" login="xxxxxx" name="PCPS01_dev04" passwd="xxxxxx1"/>
        <fencedevice agent="fence_apc" ipaddr="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" login="xxxxxx" name="PCPS02_dev04" passwd="xxxxxx1"/>

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 4:32 PM, jim parsons <jparsons redhat com> wrote:

        On Thu, 2008-10-30 at 15:57 -0500, Alan A wrote:
        > Hello everyone!
        > I have a few short questions. We just acquired 2 APC Power Switches.
        > Our clustered servers have two power supplies so each APC switch
        > supplies/supports one server power supply. Example:
        > dev02 power supply 1 - APC switch 1
        > dev02 power supply 2 - APC switch 2
        > Question:
        > I am trying to complete CONGA setup - and all is clear in the first
        > box:
        > Name - got it
        > IP - got it
        > Login - got it
        > Password got it
        > What I do not understand is what is: 'port' stand for - is that the
        > port fence_apc is connecting to APC power switch - or is that the
        > number of the outlet.
        It is the outlet number on the switch...or the name of the outlet if you
        have assigned a name to it using the APC firmware application
        > What is switch(optional) mean?
        Certain APC switch models can be ganged together. If you are using the
        switches standalone (which you are, it seems from the above) just leave
        this field blank.
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        Linux-cluster redhat com

Alan A.

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