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Re: [Linux-cluster] VM migration

2008/9/2 Mark Chaney <macscr macscr com>

Are you using shared storage? Is far as I know, the current cluster suite wont do an automatic live migration to another server during a reboot, but it will do the live migration back after the reboot. Does that make sense?


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I am running a cluster having 2 nodes using red hat cluster suite in CentOS 5.2. node 1 has a para virtualized guest(centOS)  running under Xen. My question is when node1 is rebooted, guest is automatically relocated to node 2 . Instead of relocation, is migration possible in this case which can result in Zero down time?



Thanks in adv


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Exactly as you said. It is relocating and as soon as the original node comes back it is migrated automatically.

Yes I am using shared storage using SAN/GFS2. Any workaround on this to make migration possible inserted of relocation


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