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RE: [Linux-cluster] practial dlm usage inquiry

I believe it's possible to use DLM as a general-purpose lock manager.  You may find the following helpful:

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Subject: [Linux-cluster] practial dlm usage inquiry

hi all,

my first post on this list.  say, ive been checking out dlm a little bit lately.  we are trying to build (or leverage) a distributed lock to manage access to files mounted via nfs.  some of the folks here are telling me that dlm is not suitable for this, however, my suspicion is that the dlm is independent of a filesystem.  is this accurate?  for example i imagine the code could ask for a lock on a given resource, and then if it acquires a write lock, modify the file.  am i way off base here?  just trying to get my footing before investing too much time in the wrong approach...



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