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Re: [Linux-cluster] Use qdisk heuristics w/o a quorum device/partition

On Tue, 2008-09-09 at 17:51 +0200, Gerhard Spiegl wrote:
> Hello all!
> We are trying to set up a 20 node cluster and want to use a 
> "ping-heuristic" and a heuristic that checks the state of
> the fiberchannel ports.

What actions do you want to take place based on these heuristics?

> Is it possible to use qdisk heuristics without a dedicated
> quorum partition, as this setup would only support 16 nodes?
There is a 16 node limitation to qdisk primarily because we think
performance hitting the same small number of blocks on the disk by that
many nodes will be abysmal.  Lon would know, but probably a value you
could change and play with in the code.  

Am more interested in what problem you are trying to solve with the
heuristics?  It doesn't seem to be quorum related as the normal
cman/openais capabilities will work fine with that number of nodes.  If
you are worried about split sites, just add an additional node to the
cluster that is some other location.  The node would only be used for
quorum votes.


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