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Re: [Linux-cluster] One question about IPMI fencing with Cluster Suite v5.1

Hi Subhendu,

Subhendu Ghosh escreveu:
Celso K. Webber wrote:
Hello all,

It seems that sometimes, one machine can't fence the other. Although we can see the Cluster starting "ipmitool -I lanplus -H xxx -U xxx -P xxx chassis power off", it times out while trying to power off the other machine.

Have you tried the above command by itself to see if IPMI on the systems responds correctly by shutting down?

Yes I did. This is indeed the way I use to "power off" the machine for failover tests without needing to go in front of the machine to press the power button.

I didn't make any further analysis in the "ipmilan" fence agent, but it seems that in this environment the agent is not being able to power off / power on the machine. Manually with ipmitool works ok, as far as I could test it.

On question that intrigates me: if one node fails to fence the other, do this situation prevents the rebooted node to have rgmanager started? Or, could be the case that the rebooted node tries to contact the fence agent to issue something like a "power status" before starting up rgmanager?

Thank you.

*Celso Kopp Webber*

celso webbertek com br <mailto:celso webbertek com br>

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