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Re: [Linux-cluster] cman openais totem default for: retransmits_before_loss

On Fri, 2008-09-26 at 12:37 -0600, Andrew A. Neuschwander wrote:
> Does cman set totem's retransmits_before_loss option? My cluster 
> frequently loses the token in 'OPERATIONAL state'. I don't see anything 
> in my network stats that indicate a problem. Sometimes when totem 
> reforms the cluster, it fences a node that seems to be working fine. 
> Sometimes, nodes end up in a disallowed state and quorum is lost. In 
> this case, I usually restart the entire cluster.
> Would setting totem's token retransmits_before_loss be of any help?

Yes it is set to 20 token retransmits.  It could be beneficial if your
network is overloaded to raise this value.  You could "oversend" the
token to allow more likely delivery of the ORF token to the next
processor.  I recommend keeping the number of tokens sent to a value
greater then 50 msec (so use 200 (tokens retransmitted every 50 msec) as
a ceiling for your settings).

Keep in mind this will increase the overload on your network to even
higher values.


> Thanks,
> -A
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