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Re: [Linux-cluster] proper cluster crash procedures?

I am not sure that this will help but try disabling following services before reboot and then have them join the cluster afterwards:
chkconfig rgmanager off
chkconfig gfs off
chkconfig clvmd off
chkconfig cman off

Then when node is up - start the services in this order
service cman start
service clvmd start
service gfs start
service rgmanager start

Stopping services should go in the reverse order. Don't forget to chkconfig <servicename> on after you have the cluster working again.

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 3:06 AM, Mark Chaney <macscr macscr com> wrote:
I have a 3 node cluster that has shared storage using iscsi san, hence I am
using GFS. Anyway, I had it crash for whatever reason, not sure if something
was rebooted incorrectly or what, but now I have been spending the past 2
hours trying to get the cluster back up. I would think that sampling
rebooting all the nodes would work, but heck, that hasn't. What should I be
doing? Should I just start up one at a time? BTW, I am using ipmi for
fencing if that makes a difference. I can post my cluster.conf if that's
helpful, but I would think there would be general techniques available.


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Alan A.

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