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RE: [Linux-cluster] proper cluster crash procedures?

Thanks for the tips, but Ive found that one of my biggest problems is getting the services to actually stop. The Cluster Service Manager usually hangs when I try to stop it.


Also, did you take a look at my editions to this thread? I listed my cluster.conf and some of the error messages I have been getting.


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I am not sure that this will help but try disabling following services before reboot and then have them join the cluster afterwards:
chkconfig rgmanager off
chkconfig gfs off
chkconfig clvmd off
chkconfig cman off

Then when node is up - start the services in this order
service cman start
service clvmd start
service gfs start
service rgmanager start

Stopping services should go in the reverse order. Don't forget to chkconfig <servicename> on after you have the cluster working again.

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 3:06 AM, Mark Chaney <macscr macscr com> wrote:

I have a 3 node cluster that has shared storage using iscsi san, hence I am
using GFS. Anyway, I had it crash for whatever reason, not sure if something
was rebooted incorrectly or what, but now I have been spending the past 2
hours trying to get the cluster back up. I would think that sampling
rebooting all the nodes would work, but heck, that hasn't. What should I be
doing? Should I just start up one at a time? BTW, I am using ipmi for
fencing if that makes a difference. I can post my cluster.conf if that's
helpful, but I would think there would be general techniques available.


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Alan A.

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