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[Linux-cluster] Unable to mount GFS File System in RHEL5.2 (32bit)

Dear All,

I have setup 2 node cluster on RHEL5.2 (32bit) + Quorum Partition +
GFS Partition.
i could make gfs file system but issues while trying to mount it. is
it due to GFS module not loaded?
unable to load GFS module.

below are the details, anyone has faced this issue before, please

[root quod-core1-uat ~]# mount -t gfs /dev/quoduat/rv /rv
/sbin/mount.gfs: error mounting /dev/mapper/quoduat-rv on /rv: No such device
[root quod-core1-uat ~]#

GFS rpms are installed
[root quod-core1-uat ~]# rpm -qa | grep -i gfs
[root quod-core1-uat ~]#

couldn't find the gfs module loaded
[root quod-core1-uat ~]# lsmod | grep -i gfs
gfs2                  346344  1 lock_dlm
configfs               28753  2 dlm
[root quod-core1-uat ~]#

modinfo gfs throws below error:-
[root quod-core1-uat ~]# modinfo gfs
modinfo: could not find module gfs
[root quod-core1-uat ~]#

manually locating module, list the module
[root quod-core1-uat ~]# modinfo /lib/modules/2.6.18-92.el5/extra/gfs/gfs.ko
filename:       /lib/modules/2.6.18-92.el5/extra/gfs/gfs.ko
license:        GPL
author:         Red Hat, Inc.
description:    Global File System 0.1.23-5.el5
srcversion:     F36BE93709E650F2BEC45A5
depends:        gfs2
vermagic:       2.6.18-92.el5 SMP mod_unload 686 REGPARM 4KSTACKS gcc-4.1
[root quod-core1-uat ~]#

unable to install the module gfs
[root quod-core1-uat ~]# modprobe /lib/modules/2.6.18-92.el5/extra/gfs/gfs.ko
FATAL: Module /lib/modules/2.6.18_92.el5/extra/gfs/gfs.ko not found.
[root quod-core1-uat ~]#

[root quod-core1-uat ~]# clustat
Cluster Status for quod-clust-uat @ Thu Apr  2 18:09:45 2009
Member Status: Quorate

 Member Name                                                     ID   Status
 ------ ----                                                     ---- ------
 quod-core2-uat.kmefic.com.kw                                        1
Online, rgmanager
 quod-core1-uat.kmefic.com.kw                                        2
Online, Local, rgmanager
 /dev/sdc1                                                           0
Online, Quorum Disk

 Service Name                                             Owner (Last)
 ------- ----                                             ----- ------
quod-core1-uat.kmefic.com.kw                             started
[root quod-core1-uat ~]#

Thanks in Advance,
-Stevan Colaco

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