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Re: [Linux-cluster] Network Interface Binding for cman

On Thursday 02 Apr 2009 21:34:12 Jeff Sturm wrote:
> It binds to a multicast address.  That address is bound to one interface
> normally.

Well, how do I specify which interface to bind that multicast address to? I 
see the `bindnetaddr' directive in openais.conf man page. The cman man page 
tells me that the parameter from the <clusternodes> section will overwrite. 
Now, I haven't been able to find any reference as to the syntax of the 
clusternodes directive.

Also, according to the openais.conf man page, the bindnetaddr directive is a 
subdirective of the interface directive, which in itself a subdirective of the 
totem directive. So I'm wondering if it goes something like what follows:


> If you need two interfaces, look into ethernet bonding.

Can't, in this setup.

Though, is it not at all possible to use multiple multicast addresses to bind 
to on different interfaces? Heartbeat, for instance, allows it.


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