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Re: [Linux-cluster] Network Interface Binding for cman

On Friday 03 Apr 2009 08:39:07 Mrugesh Karnik wrote:
> On Thursday 02 Apr 2009 21:34:12 Jeff Sturm wrote:
> > It binds to a multicast address.  That address is bound to one interface
> > normally.
> Well, how do I specify which interface to bind that multicast address to? I
> see the `bindnetaddr' directive in openais.conf man page. The cman man page
> tells me that the parameter from the <clusternodes> section will overwrite.
> Now, I haven't been able to find any reference as to the syntax of the
> clusternodes directive.
> Also, according to the openais.conf man page, the bindnetaddr directive is
> a subdirective of the interface directive, which in itself a subdirective
> of the totem directive. So I'm wondering if it goes something like what
> follows:
> <cluster>
>   <totem>
>     <interface>
>       <bindnetaddr/>
>     </interface>
>   </totem>
> </cluster>

I guess this is what I was looking for:

I'm reading through the wiki now.


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