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[Linux-cluster] resetting a fence - Device (ILOM) during a running Cluster (RHEL 5.2)


we are comfortable with our 2-Node RHEL-5.2 - Cluster (some Oracle-DBs),
we have subscribed for several months and which is running stable.

We use two SunXFires 4200 M2 server and do the fencing with the integrated ILOMs.
Unfortunatly, -  because of errors on the ILOM the ILOM of the one node has to be reset, which is the advice of our hardware-vendor.
The reset of the ILOM can be done in production (tested on a single machine)
transparent for the OS on this machine (means: without the need of rebooting the OS of the machine.)
The only thing, I noticed during the test on the single - Server is,
that the ILOM is down (network not available) for about 30 sec.

Does this short downtime of the fencedevice affect the Redhat Clustersoftware
or can we do that action without problems in procution -time ?

Thank you for your answer.

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