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[Linux-cluster] Service behavior when migration fails.

I have a 2 node cluster, and I would like for the following behavior to happen:

Node 1 is running apache

Node 2 is in standby, but has a bad apache config (I know it should be
tested before going into production, but lets pretend I am a moron)

Node 1's apache is killed.

Tries to migrate to node 2, but fails

Tries to migrage back to node 1 and succeeds.

What is happening is when it tries to go back to node one, it says
failed, and states the ip address is in use.

I have the service set up as follows:

        <service autostart="1" domain="dom1" exclusive="0" name="web"
            <script ref="httpd"/>
            <ip ref="xx.xx.xx.xx"/>

Also, Could someone send me some links or search terms for details on
the structure for the cluster.conf file?  Everything I find on redhats
site is conga or system config cluster based, but would like an
explanation of the possible values for the conf file.


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