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Re: [Linux-cluster] Service behavior when migration fails.

Burton Simonds wrote:
I have a 2 node cluster, and I would like for the following behavior to happen:

Node 1 is running apache

Node 2 is in standby, but has a bad apache config (I know it should be
tested before going into production, but lets pretend I am a moron)

Node 1's apache is killed.

Tries to migrate to node 2, but fails

Tries to migrage back to node 1 and succeeds.

What is happening is when it tries to go back to node one, it says
failed, and states the ip address is in use.

I have the service set up as follows:

        <service autostart="1" domain="dom1" exclusive="0" name="web"
            <script ref="httpd"/>
            <ip ref="xx.xx.xx.xx"/>

Also, Could someone send me some links or search terms for details on
the structure for the cluster.conf file?  Everything I find on redhats
site is conga or system config cluster based, but would like an
explanation of the possible values for the conf file.

Hi, Burton!

concerning cluster.conf file here is a useful link:


that contains links to cluster schema structure for RHEL4 and 5.



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