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Re: [Linux-cluster] Network Interface Binding for cman

On Saturday 04 Apr 2009 02:12:03 Jeff Sturm wrote:
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> > Sent: Thursday, April 02, 2009 11:09 PM
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> > Subject: Re: [Linux-cluster] Network Interface Binding for cman
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> > On Thursday 02 Apr 2009 21:34:12 Jeff Sturm wrote:
> > > It binds to a multicast address.  That address is bound to one
> > > interface normally.
> >
> > Well, how do I specify which interface to bind that multicast
> > address to?
> Generally speaking you would create a route entry, e.g.:
> ip route add multicast dev eth1 scope link
> However I believe CMAN does not require this, and will automatically
> bind to the same interface as the unicast address associated with the
> node names you specify in cluster.conf.
> > I see the `bindnetaddr' directive in openais.conf man page.
> The multicast address (not interface) is automatically determined based
> on your cluster name.  Probably best to leave it that way unless you
> have a specific reason to override it.

Didn't need to change anything manually. I just specified the FQDN for that 
specific interface as the nodename in cluster.conf. Worked perfectly.

Earlier I was using the hostname given by `uname -n` as is done with 
heartbeat. The reference link from the wiki said that I could use either the 
DNS name or the IP address as well.

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