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[Linux-cluster] RHEL 4.7 rgmanager-1.9.80-1 debug output?

We're having a bizarre problem with rgmanager ... every now and then, it decides to stop a service with no recorded reason as to why:

Apr  6 04:05:25 acropolis clurgmgrd[967]: <notice> Stopping service WATSONAPP1

Is there a way to increase debugging / verbosity with rgmanager?

I cannot find command-line options for clurgmgrd, other than the soft-coded value in its service script, /etc/init.d/rgmanager.  I made /etc/sysconfig/cluster and added the line:

RGMGR_OPTS="-t 30 -d"

... hoping that the "-d" will increase debug level in syslog messages, but nothing new appeared.

Please advise, thanks!

Robert Hurst, Sr. Caché Administrator
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Boston, Massachusetts   02120-2140
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