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RE: [Linux-cluster] Info on lvm setup for cluster without clvmd


Have you checked this? : http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/wiki/LVMFailover

Best regards,
Norbert Nemeth

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Subject: [Linux-cluster] Info on lvm setup for cluster without clvmd

I would like to setup a two-node cluster where I will have some
services relying on filesystems on lvm resources.
I'm using rh el 5U3 but I only have entitlements for RHEL Clustering
and not for Cluster-Storage, so that I cannot use clvmd as in other
clusters I set up previously.
I don't need GFS so I think this is the correct setup for me, also
from a legal point of view
>From a documentation point of view I see:
Shared storage for use in Red Hat Cluster Suite requires that you be
running the cluster
logical volume manager daemon (clvmd) or the High Availability Logical Volume
Management agents (HA-LVM). If you are not able to use either the
clvmd daemon or
HA-LVM for operational reasons or because you do not have the correct
entitlements, you
must not use single-instance LVM on the shared disk as this may result
in data corruption.
If you have any concerns please contact your Red Hat service representative.

I suppose that with HA-LVM here we are talking about lvm.sh script
(with the other two lvm_by_lv.sh and lvm_by_vg.sh referred into it)
inside /usr/share/cluster/ directory.

At the moment the cluster is not formed at all; I only have setup a
basic cluster.conf without the lvm resources in it.
I have setup volume groups and logical volumes on one node. The disks
are seen by the other node too, but correctly it is not seeing the LVM
In lvm.conf of both I have
locking_type = 1
and I think it should remain this way in my setup, correct?

Which is the correct approach in my situation if I want to go straight
with command line and not graphical tools?
In old days when lvm was not cluster-aware I had to:
vgchange -an VG on the first node and then vgchange -ay VG on the
second to let it create the devices and the lvm cache for the first
time after creation.

After this, in lvm.sh script it seems I have to populate the
"activation" section filling up the volume_list part, to prevent
concurrent activation of volume groups used by the cluster.

Any good documentation reference for this? It seems I didn't find anything....

I thank all the gui creators (Conga and system-config-cluster), and I
think there is a good audience for them, but I would like to be able
at least to do it manually too.... I think it helps very much to
understand internal mechanisms and eventually debugging when problems

Thanks in advance,

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