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Re: [Linux-cluster] really reliable?

Ryan Golhar wrote:
Hi all,

Is redhat cluster suite really reliable? I've been having so much trouble getting a cluster up and running, I'm beginning to second guess my decision to use this software stack.

I have 3 nodes (eventually 10) running and set up. The fencing method is by a brocade fibre switch. The ultimate goal of this cluster is to shared a SAN connected by fibre.

I've installed just the bare minimum (before even getting to GFS) to test the cluster software. Just starting cman cluster services fails on two of the nodes.

Even when I try to reboot the nodes, I can't because the whole system hangs on various processes that don't ever shut down. I have to physically reboot these boxes.

The logs fill up with errors about not being able to connect to cman, etc.

I've been at it for awhile now and am not sure this is the best route anymore.

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Hi Ryan,

I've got around 5 RHEL 5.{1 2 3} clusters running (3 of them are running Oracle, other NFS/MySQL) with out any issues at all. However all of these are 2 node clusters.

If you are having some issues you might want to talk to Red Hat regarding those and get them sorted (if you have a support contract anyway).

Most of my errors have been with iptables and mis-configured TKO for my Quorum heuristics ;)


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