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Re: [Linux-cluster] NFS mount problem..

Spencer Parker wrote:
I am running a MySQL cluster using cluster services and I have one issue when it comes to NFS. The MySQl services run fine until add in an NFS mount. The NFS mount is where all of the MySQl databases live at. I can get the NFS share to mount properly on the cluster machines, but the log files keep telling it errors out. Once it errors out the service then stops. I have tried restarting the service, but that has it remounting the share over the top of the old one. It never unmounts the NFS share upon failure. I can manually mount it and it works fine...I can read-write to it just fine...I have added in options and taken them away. All of this results in the same end. Any ideas?


How do you share the NFS ? Do you use GSF ? What are the error messages ? Is the storage-device iscsi ?


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