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Re: [Linux-cluster] really reliable?

Spencer Parker wrote:
My fencing is setup properly as all of my services start and stop correctly.

That doesn't follow. Your fencing doesn't get tested until it's needed. Have you verified that when you yank the power cable on one of the nodes that the fencing gets completed successfully? The cluster will lock up until fencing is successful, completed, and verified.

No modifications with scripts and done according to redhat standards. I'm using RHEL. The NFS share gets mounted properly, but when it runs a status on the nfs mount it fails. I have checked to see that it is mounting it as needed(rw access, etc.). This basically causes all of my other services to fail since they rely on this nfs mount to be done first. This is where all of my MySQL data is living at. It also likes to mount the nfs mount multiple times as well. It never actually unmounts the share.

Have you tried mounting NFS via UDP?


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