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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fenced failing continuously


Robert Hurst wrot

There is user-contributed fence_ilo patch listed somewhere in this list worth investigating -- it runs A LOT FASTER than the stock one. AFAIK, the fence_ilo does not use ssh, but a sort of web soap services call via https. We have seen in production and testing that a typical fencing operation using fence_ilo is 42-seconds, and a good percentage of time, up to twice as long as that. The bladecenter fencing operations we have seen occur in under 7-seconds.

Fence_ilo script available in newer updates is in python as it does not have these problems. If you have one, please report it into bugzilla.

Fence_ilo is not using ssh as there were problems with several firmware version and their ability to do hard-reboot. Their RIBCL (http/ssl) language did not have such problems.


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