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[Linux-cluster] No VM migration on node failure.. waiting to be fenced?


I have a two node cluster of Xen dom0s, but configured with a qdisk. I've 
created a failover domain for each of the nodes and configured vm services.

I've tried out killing a running VM with xm destroy and its brought back up 
properly. Migration etc. works fine as well. However, when I kill the node 
running a VM, the cluster keeps on waiting for the node to be fenced and the 
virtual machine is never migrated to the other node.

When the failed node starts up again and joins the cluster, the VM service 
that was supposed to have been migrated to the other node, starts up on the 
resurrected node.

Since this is just a testing setup, I have configured manual fencing.

How can I get the VM to fail over to the second node in the event of failure, 
without admin intervention?


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