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RE: [Linux-cluster] CVS in a cluster

Place your CVSROOT on a mounted GFS filesystem, then the files can be access from 2 or more cluster nodes at once.  The rest depends on how you use it.  Do you use pserver protocol, ssh, or access your CVS repositories locally?
What are you trying to achieve with cluster services?  E.g. high availability?

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Subject: [Linux-cluster] CVS in a cluster

        I've got a quick question that perhaps someone can answer as my googlefu and searches haven't been fruitful:

Is it possible to create a cluster of RHEL5 servers and place CVS servers inside them using shared storage of some sort (Fibre GNBD ISCSI etc). If so how would one go about it and are there any docs, wikis, web sites dedicated to this setup.

I know it CAN be done, but I can't find any information on HOW. Or is it just as simple as building the servers, installing clustering software, then throwing the CVS services at it and saying "Use this shared resource"?

Thanks in advance and if this question was already asked, just point me in the right direction as I didn't find it in the last hours of searching :)


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