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Re: [Linux-cluster] How to extract an rpm for use on another server?

If you don't have the rpm, you'll have to do a 'rpm -qf ...' on every file on your system to determine which one belong to VMware. Try this perl script:


foreach $file (`find / -type f`) {
        $_ = `rpm -qf $file`;
        if ($_ =~ m/VMware/) {
                print "$file ... $_\n";

sunhux G wrote:

I've just installed an rpm ( VMWare-esx-vmx-3.5.0-158869.i386.rpm )
and this caused the entire ESX/VMWare to panic/crash whenever a
VM in this VMWare is started.

I've just done "rpm -e --nodeps -allmatches VMware-esx-vms-3.5.-158869)
and would like to put back the old rpm 64607 :


However, I could not find 64607 from anywhere (requires a code), so I'll
need to extract this 64607 rpm from my other ESX servers : is this possible
& what's the command.

If it's not possible to build the 64607 rpm from an existing ESX which has
not been patched yet, appreciate if someone can point me to where I could
download it



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