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Dear All,

I am trying to setup NFS failover and its recovery via GFS (using CMAN) tool. Of course, I have created a gfs file system over my logical volume ( basically its on exported block devices ). I have three nodes centos, centos1 and centos2. I am attaching my cluster.conf file for further reference. Everything seems fine, but I am not able to migrate my NFS services when I poweroff my first node. Anybody has any idea about it ?

Objective of experiment : (Please tell weather its possible to achieve)

 Suppose I have my nfstest directory exported on network via nfs from the node1 ( here centos ) and it is mounted on node3 (centos2 machine). There is the similar directory (nfstest) available on node two (centos1 machine ). Is it possible that if node1 get crashed then the nfstest directory from centos1 machine (node2) , will be exported on the network and will be automatically mounted on node3 (centos2 ). That i was trying to achieve. Please tell if its possible to achieve this result through this experiment.

Thanks & Best Regards,

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