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[Linux-cluster] accessing GFS with fail of one cman

I'm setting two node cluster but for now I need only one of them...
I have configured the cluster for two nodes and with "two node" option
but the cluster doesn't want to start... (I'm not able to turn the cman
demon on the second cluster node). It is some why to mount the GFS file
system locally with cman demon or without it? I have tried to mount it
with lock_nolock option but it doesn't help. I have below error:

/sbin/mount.gfs: error mounting /dev/sdf on /mnt/tmp: No such device

I found out that there is no problem with mounting it when the cluster
start properly(and later one of node will die) but what if I need access
to resource and I am not able to get the second cman working??? Please
help me to solve this issue!

Is it some way to made 4-nodes cluster to keep on working when 2 of its
member will fail?

Is it generally some way to access files on the GFS with one single server?

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