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Re: [Linux-cluster] DRAC5 fencing problem with Redhat 5.3 cluster

adding secure="1" to cluster.conf fixed the problem! thank you!

On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 6:31 AM, Marek 'marx' Grác <mgrac redhat com> wrote:
Dan Hayes wrote:
I have 8 Dell servers all loaded with Redhat 5.3.  The machines have an external and internal IP address.  The cluster is configured on the internal ip address.

The cluster appears to be working fine except for fencing.  I try to manually fence a node, but get a connection error
[root w002 ~]# fence_node lb001.domain.com <http://lb001.domain.com>

agent "fence_drac5" reports: Unable to connect/login to fencing device

I was able to get the fence_drac5 command to work directly by adding the "-x" option for using SSH.  It says the connection times out, but it does shut down the other machine
[root w002 ~]# fence_drac5 -a -l root -p pass -x lb001.domain.com <http://lb001.domain.com>

Connection timed out

Why does the connection time out?  And how do I add the "-x" option to the cluster.conf file so that the fencing agent can connect?
Can you send me verbose output (-v) ? It is possible that the machine needs more time than POWER_TIMEOUT (20 seconds) or output of status is not parsed correctly ('Starting machine' instead of ON/OFF).

-x is equal to option secure="1" (we don't care about inserted value)


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