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[Linux-cluster] qdiskd error `does match kernel's reported sector size'


I have a two node cluster configured with qdisk. The original setup is with 
both nodes being CentOS 5.3. Today, I decided to see if I could get GFS2 
working with Debian. So I installed Lenny on one of the nodes. Made it a dual 
boot system with the same cluster configuration. The other node wasn't touched 
at all and was always online with the qdisk making the cluster quorate.

On the Debian node, I can join the quorate cluster and the fence domain as 
well. However, qdiskd spits out the following in the logs and doesn't start 
Apr 28 19:05:32 eru qdiskd[3552]: <crit> Specified device /dev/mpath/dom0qdisk 
does match kernel's reported sector size (0 != -1)

Here's what I've done wrt the qdisk device. Debian creates the multipath 
device links somewhere under /dev/disk/by-id/. The cluster configuration is 
for /dev/mpath/dom0qdisk and I didn't want to change it, so I added a udev 
rule and had the /dev/mpath/ symlinks created. Other than this, everything 
else has been configured exactly the same as the CentOS setup.

After this whole shebang, I again booted into CentOS and everything works 

The only difference I've noticed is that the major number of the mpath device 
is 253 on CentOS and 254 on Debian. Though both 253 and 254 fall under the 
reserved range for local/experimental block devices, so I don't think that'd 
be a problem.

I later updated the config and changed the identity of the Debian node and 
made it a third member of the cluster. Still, no go. I even tried to use 
/dev/mapper/dom0qdisk directly as well, but still, the problem persists.

Could anyone please help me with the issue?


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