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Re: [Linux-cluster] Hardware options

Hi Lon,

That is a good solution and could be a possible second cluster for me to tinker with. However, I was rather hoping to use two nodes though and shared storage to have two physical nodes clustered and then tinker with a virtual cluster too (same as my existing cluster set up but a lot less heavy on the electricity bill!!). I haven't tried kvm yet but it is something I would like to have a play with (I've used xen and vmware up to now).



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On Thu, 2009-04-30 at 18:22 +0100, Virginian wrote:

My question is, does anybody have a low cost hardware specification
that they are running xen and RHCS on with shared storage that won't
cost the earth and won't hit me in the wallet when it comes to paying
the electricity bill?

If you're not trying to migrate VMs between physical machines and are
primarily concerned with tinkering with other parts of the cluster, you
can use a notebook or desktop w/ VT support, Fedora 10, and KVM.  From
there, you can install RHEL5 or the operating system of your choice in
to the VMs and cluster the VMs.

It doesn't protect you against hardware failures at all, but it's a good
low-cost development platform.

Obviously, you can't put a VM in a VM, so you can't tinker with VM live
migration or anything like that.

-- Lon

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