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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: GFS2 corruption/withdrawal/crash

Thanks very much for the update. Hopefully by now it might have completed. 

Since it takes so long to run (here) I'm hoping to be able to
correct it's ills over the weekend. If you are not complete or your 
results are inconclusive do you think running the already existing
fsck.gfs2 against the filesystem *twice* would be worthwhile?


> Hi Wendell, 
> I just wanted to send you a progress report: After running all last 
> night, my fsck.gfs2 on your metadata is 39% into pass1. So far it 
> has not found anything wrong, but it has a long way to go. 
> Fwiw, I recently wrote some performance improvements for gfs1's fsck, 
> (they're not available yet, except as a patch in the bugzilla) 
> and I hope to port them to gfs2's fsck when I can. Unfortunately, 
> I need to get through this set of patches first before I can start 
> with that. 

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