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[Linux-cluster] Re: rgmanager ignoring monitor action for a custom resource script

Problem resolved,
rgmanager seems to rely on the 'status' action rather than on the 'monitor' one.
Which doesn't seem to conform to the opencf API (http://www.opencf.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/*checkout*/specs/ra/resource-agent-api.txt?rev=1.10) chapter 3.4.3 (is this doc outdated ?) that states that 'start' 'stop'  'monitor' and 'meta-data' are mandatory.

2009/8/10, brem belguebli <brem belguebli gmail com>:
I have written a custom resource script that starts,  stops and "meta-data" 's with the correct return  value (no error).
Everything seems to work fine except the fact that rgmanager never runs the custom monitor action defined in my resource metadata.
I have lowered the interval value for monitor action to 10 (  are the interval and timeout units in seconds by default ?) but nothing happens.
I have added a trace to the monitor case of my resource script that ocf_log debug "monitor started at `date +%H:%M:%S`" but it never gets there:

case $1 in

start)                 ....................


stop)                ..........................


monitor)            ocf_log debug "at `/bin/date +%H:%M:%S`, launching monitor"
                        if [ $? -eq 33 ]; then

meta-data)        cat `echo $0 | sed 's/^\(.*\)\.sh$/\1.metadata/'`
                        exit $OCF_SUCCESS

*) echo "usage: $0 {start|stop|monitor|meta-data}"

Any idea ? Thanks
attached my meta-data

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