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[Linux-cluster] Centos 5.3 X64 a& luci

Good day

I have a Sun x4100 server running Centos 5.3 X64 - patch to latest and greatest.

When trying to start luci, it simply fails, no error in /var/log and nothing in /var/lib/luci/log

I have re-installed luci and ricci a couple of times now. Cleaned out / var/lib/luci & /rici between installations.

I have even tried the complete yum grouremove "Clustering" "Cluster Storage" and re-installed the complete package again.

Used ricci/luci combination with great success in 5.2, but both servers giving the same problem.

Any pointers will be appreciated.

Here is screen snipped of problem:

Installed: luci.x86_64 0:0.12.1-7.3.el5.centos.1
[root clu1 luci]# luci_admin init
Initializing the luci server

Creating the 'admin' user

Enter password:
Confirm password:

Please wait...
The admin password has been successfully set.
Generating SSL certificates...
The luci server has been successfully initialized

You must restart the luci server for changes to take effect.

Run "service luci restart" to do so

[root clu1 luci]# service luci restart
Shutting down luci:                                        [  OK  ]
Starting luci: Generating https SSL certificates...  done
[root clu1 luci]#


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