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Re: [Linux-cluster] Is there any backup heartbeat channel

2009/8/12 Hakan VELIOGLU <veliogluh itu edu tr>
Hi list,

I am trying a two node cluster with RH 5.3 on Sun X4150 hardware. I use a private network for heartbeat channel and fence_ipmilan for fencing the two node. When I unplug the heartbeat channel cable, both cluster nodes shut themselves down with fence_ipmilan.

I think the single point of failure for this design is private heartbeat channel. I made a search on the web and there seems no backup heartbeat channel (like LVS) on cluster suite.

How can I overcome this single point of failure problem?

One solution is I think, bonding heartbeat interfaces, however I use all available interfaces and there is no extra interface for private heartbeat channel. For this reason this solution doesn't suit me.
Why do you need a private heartbeat channel? Configure two network interfaces in a bonding one, connect the two of them to two different switches (with a redundant interconnection), make sure switches let multicast traffic through. Configure bonding interface IP to fit your needs.


Anybody has an idea to overcome heartbeat channel failure problem.

Hakan Velio─člu

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