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Re: [Linux-cluster] Is there any backup heartbeat channel

2009/8/13 Hakan VELIOGLU <veliogluh itu edu tr>
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 Tarih: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 08:57:15 +0530
 Kimden:  Rajagopal Swaminathan <raju rajsand gmail com>

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  Konu: Re: [Linux-cluster] Is there any backup heartbeat channel
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2009/8/12 Hakan VELIOGLU <veliogluh itu edu tr>:
Hi list,

I am trying a two node cluster with RH 5.3 on Sun X4150 hardware. I use a

IIRC, Sun x4150 has four ethernet ports. Two can be used for outside
networking and two can be bonded and used for heartbeat.
I think, I couldn't explain my networking. I use two ethernet ports for xen vm which are trunk and bonded ports. Then there left two. Our network topology (which is out of my control) available for one port for server control (SSH).
So you can't use a bonded port for both server management  and cluster communications, can you? You can configure an active-passive bonding and then you can have many virtual interfaces on top of that, i.e: bond0:0, bond0:1 and assign them the ip addesses you need.

I use the other one with a cross over cable for heartbeat. So there is no way for bonding these two interfaces. Of course if I buy an extra switch I may do this.
You can connect them to the same switch (though you lost kind of redundancy), or you can use two crossover cables and move the management IP to the same ports you are using for the vm's.


I don't realy understand why there is no backup heartbeat channel. LVS and MS cluster has this ability.

ALOM can be used for fencing and can be on a seperate subnet if required.
I used this for fencing_ipmilan. ----- raju rajsand gmail com den iletiyi bitir -----

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