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[Linux-cluster] Cman Hang


I added the  hostnames and ip addresses in /etc/hosts like this: localhost host1.occ.lan host2.occ.lan
I also  executed the following command:
 gfs2_tool sb /dev/VolGroup01/LogVol01 table arev_clust:LogVol01
You shouldn't change any of these values if the filesystem is mounted.

Are you sure? [y/n] y

current lock table name = "arev_clust:LogVol01"
new lock table name = "arev_clust:LogVol01"

mkfs.gfs2 -p lock_dlm -t arev_clust:LogVol01 -j 1 /dev/VolGroup01/LogVol01
This will destroy any data on /dev/VolGroup01/LogVol01.
  It appears to contain a gfs2 filesystem.

Are you sure you want to proceed? [y/n] y

Device: /dev/VolGroup01/LogVol01
Blocksize: 4096
Device Size 240.00 GB (62913536 blocks)
Filesystem Size: 240.00 GB (62913535 blocks)
Journals: 1
Resource Groups: 960
Locking Protocol: "lock_dlm"
Lock Table: "arev_clust:LogVol01"

BUT when i want to mount th e gfs FS i got:
# mount -t gfs2 /dev/VolGroup01/LogVol01 /appli/prod
/sbin/mount.gfs2: can't connect to gfs_controld: Connection refused

And the starting of the service  gives the same error:
cman not started: Multicast and node address families differ. /usr/sbin/cman_tool: aisexec daemon didn't start
When i creating the cluster via Conga this is below the error i got:

The following errors occurred:

  * Unable to add the key for node gs21spli004.occ.lan to the trusted keys list.
  * Unable to connect to host2.occ.lan: Unable to establish an SSL connection to host2.occ.lan:11111: ClientSocket(hostname, port, timeout): connect() failed
  * host1.occ.lan reports it is a member of cluster "arev_clust"
Of course the port 1111 is opened:

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 0 573641 9435/ricci
SO what can you advise me i'm really lost.

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