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Re: [Linux-cluster] CLVMD without GFS

Hello Alfredo,
For the exclusive bypass, I have opened a bugzilla ticket. Hopefully it'll be fixed (enhanced)0
For your second point, I'm not sure to ubndestand what you're saying.
My concern is to avoid manual activation on the wrong node, not an accidental rgmanager activation.
Even if you configure your FS resource as exclusive, if it is possible, this won't be of any effect with ext3 outside of rgmanager control as it is not cluster aware. 

2009/8/18, Moralejo, Alfredo <alfredo moralejo roche com>:



I have the same concern with the activation of non-GFS file systems and I agree with the idea of using exclusive activation (keeping in mind that the strange behavior of exclusive tag being bypassed should be fixed). However, from my point of view, the best way is not to create a new resource but adding a new “exclusive” option to the regular fs resource or something like that, as I think it’s the desired behavior most times the fs resource is used.


Best regards,






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Hi Rafael,

Of course, that is what I was telling you the other day, your script works fine, but I just wanted to twist a little clvm.

The prerequisites are already setup (locking type, dm-mp, lvm, etc...).

The only thing that disturbes me is that you can bypass under certain conditions the locking.

Thanks for the help



2009/8/1 Rafael Micó Miranda <rmicmirregs gmail com>

Hi Brem,

El vie, 31-07-2009 a las 06:09 -0400, crosa redhat com escribió:

> --- mensagem original ---
> De: brem belguebli <brem belguebli gmail com>
> Assunto: Re: [Linux-cluster] CLVMD without GFS
> Data: 29 de Julho de 2009
> Hora: 10:1:29
> Hi Rafael,
> Just posted the basic tests I'm doing on both linux-cluster and linux-lvm.
> I can't get exclusive activation to work properly, I may be missing some
> step in my process.
> Brem


Sorry, i'm not sure if I missed this mail.

Maybe i need to explain a couple of things first, just to make them

As part of the use of the lvm-cluster.sh resource script, you need to:

1.- Configure properly the lock type into lvm.conf to type 3 (example
into this link:



2.- Configure your multipathing software

3.- Create your Physical Volumes

4.- Configure your Volume Groups as clustered Volume Groups

5.- Create your Logical Volumens into the clustered Volume Groups

6.- And, and the not so obvious, de-activate all the Logical Volumes you
plan to use as exclusive Logical Volumes (using exclusive flag).

De-activation can be done with "vgchange -an volgrp01/logvol01" or
similar command.

If you don't do step 6, you will receive an error message when executing
"lvchange -aey volgrp01/logvol01". This command is executed (with the
proper volume group and logical volume names) internally in the resource

I designed the lvm-cluster.sh resource script to be verbose, maybe you
can copy here your logs (default to /var/log/messages on RHEL systems).

Cheers and thanks,


Rafael Micó Miranda


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