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Re: [Linux-cluster] CLVMD without GFS

This is mainly due to clvmd init script that activates all the VG's it finds.
I kind off have a problem with all those init scripts (including rc.sysinit) that want to automatically do things
that an admin (well myself ;-) ) wouldn't like them to be active.
Ideally, there should be a file (/etc/sysconfig/clvm.conf)  that contains only what we want to automatically activate at startup. If empty everythings gets activated.
I have the same problem with automatic cluster startup, it is something that, IMHO, could lead to undesirable situations (imagine the node that keeps on rebooting after automatic join the cluster).

2009/8/24, rmicmirregs <rmicmirregs gmail com>:
Hi Alfredo

El lun, 24-08-2009 a las 09:09 +0200, Moralejo, Alfredo escribió:
> Hi,
> By default, when clvmd service is restarted, all logical volumes in clustered filesystems are activated. I understand this is a problem to implement the exclusive activation, as it should work in the opposite way, all logical volumes should be deactivated until the resource taking care of it is started in a node where it'd be exclusively activated.
> Has anyone found this problem while implemented the lvm-cluster.sh resource or a similar solution? Is there a way to fix it via lvm configuration or something like that?
> Best regards,
> Alfredo

To use the lvm-cluster.sh resource script, you need to:

1.- Configure your cluster.conf file to use this new resource script.

2.- Start cluster services CMAN and CLVMD, but do not start RGMANAGER

3.- By hand, deactivate all the Logical Volumes you have configured to
be used with the "exclusive" flag. This can be done with "lvchange -an

4.- After that, you can start the RGMANAGER service. Now it should find
all the volumes deactivated and they can be activated with the exclusive

This instructions are not provided with the script because i was waiting
some kind of "information requests" by the CMAN  project managers, in
wich i would detail this kind of information.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you find any problems.



Rafael Micó Miranda

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