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[Linux-cluster] ordered/ restricted and clusvcadm -F

given a failover domain like this one :
<failoverdomain name="FailoverDomain-1" ordered="???" restricted="???">
         <failoverdomainnode name="node1" priority="1"/>
         <failoverdomainnode name="node2" priority="2"/>
         <failoverdomainnode name="node3" priority="3"/>
and a service serv1 configured on this failoverdomain.

I would like that the command:
 clusvcadm -e serv1
executed on whatever node of the three nodes starts the serv1 on the
prefered node  node1 (priority1)

And  in the case serv1 is started on node2 (or node3) (after a failover
for example) and that node1 transitions online , I don't want an
automatic migration of serv1 onto node1.

My understanding was to set ordered=1 and restricted=0  but
it seems that clusvcadm -e serv1 starts it on the node where clusvcadm is
executed, even if it is node the "priority 1" node (node1).

Option -F of clusvcadm seemed to give a response to my question, but
it is announced as "deprecated" ...

Thanks for your response.

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