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[Linux-cluster] Can not establish new cluster 5.3 with luci - quorum error

I have tried almost everything at this point to try and troubleshoot this further. I can't create new cluster with luci.

I broke and tried to reconfigure 3 node cluster at least 6 times.

I have noticed nodes taking expectational long on initializing fencing upon cman start. I tried with defined and undefined fencing, the amount of time needed is still the same. Even after the fencing is overcome in /var/log/messages nodes refuse to join cluster due to the state of 'not in quorum' during joining process. I uped the post_join_delay as much as 150 but the result is the same.

Fencing - I use APC PW Switches - I can login into apc PWS from the node, I can even fence the other node, but when cman is started it looks like it is almost timign out on staring fencing.

If I issue cman_tool nodes it gives me the local node name as the member of the cluster and the other two with state 'X'. If I try cman_tool join clustername - it tells me the nodes are already in that cluster but cluster as the whole does not register. Each node thinks it's the only working member of the cluster.

Any pointers?

Alan A.

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