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[Linux-cluster] Cluster Monitoring

Not sure if this went through the 1st time...

For those of you who need to monitor your RedHat Clusters. I created a new Check command that works under Zenoss or Nagios, that will monitor your cluster through snmp.

You will need pysnmp and pyasn1 python modules for this command to work, but I felt it was better then using a check by ssh command..

Here is the link if you want to try it out...

I also created the equivalent of a clustat command using python and snmp, so you do not have to be logged into a node in the cluster to run it...

[root gfs1 python]# python rh_cluster_check.py -d gfs3 -c public -t cluster
WARNING, MyCluster is Quorate and Some services not running

[root gfs1 python]# python rh_cluster_check.py -d gfs1 -c public -t service -s CIM
OK, CIM is running on gfs1

[root gfs1 python]# python rh_cluster_check.py -d gfs1 -c public -t node -n "gfs3"
OK, gfs3 is Participating in cluster

clustat_snmp.py -d gfs1 -c public
Cluster Status for MyCluster @ Fri Aug 28 11:59:40 2009
Member Status: Quorate
Total Nodes:  3
Total Votes:  5
Votes Needed For Quorum:  3

Member Name                               Status
------ ----                               ------
gfs1                                      Participating in cluster
gfs2                                      Participating in cluster
gfs3                                      Participating in cluster

Service Name                              Owner                         State                   Start Up Mode
------- ----                              -----                         -----                   -------------
Pirahna                                                                 stopped                 automatic
CIM                                       gfs1                          running                 automatic

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