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Re: [Linux-cluster] How to disable node?

Jakov Sosic schrieb:
On Mon, 31 Aug 2009 15:30:13 -0500
Alan A <alan zg gmail com> wrote:

You have to give your cluster 2 node setting on remaining two nodes.

How can I define a two-node cluster if a majority is needed to reach

We had to allow two-node clusters, so we made a special exception to
the quorum rules. There is a special setting "two_node" in
the /etc/cluster.conf file that looks like this:

<cman expected_votes="1" two_node="1"/>

This will allow one node to be considered enough to establish a
quorum. Note that if you configure a quorum disk/partition, you don't
want two_node="1".


Yeah I know how to set up two_node cluster, but didn't know that
reconfiguration is the only way out when one node is missing :( I'm
disappointed with this limitation, I hope that developers will sort it
out for RHEL6 :(
I think your so called 'limitation' is more related to mistakes that was made during the planing phase of your cluster setup than to missing functionality. Please take a look at the qdisk manpage and aditionaly to the cman faq sections about tiebraker, qdisks and especially the last man standing setup...


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