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[Linux-cluster] Qdisk with multiple heuristics?

Hi all,

As it can be found in qdiskd man page, it is allowed to use up to 10
different heuristics in one cluster.

How is this specified into cluster.conf? I'm trying to make it work with
the following piece of cluster.conf file:

<quorumd device="/dev/mpath/quorum" interval="6" min_score="1" tko="10"
	<heuristic interval="3" program="ping -c3 -t2" score="1"/>
	<heuristic interval="3" program="ping -c3 -t2"

My objective is to have 2 (or more) different heuristics which keep this
node alive even if only one heuristic is OK. The cluster.conf file was
created with system-config-cluster and later was edited by hand.

The qdisk and heuristics are not working:
1.- system-config-cluster shows me a warning about an error related to
some options not allowed into quorumd. I'm sorry i cannot be more
specific right now, I could attach the exact message tomorrow.

2.- The cluster is operational, but using "clustat" i don't see the
qdisk with its votes in the node list. The qdisk process is neither
shown in the process list on the system.

Is there somethin wrong?

I'm using RHEL5.3 with:

Thanks in advance. Cheers,


Rafael Micó Miranda

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